New Mentoring Skills for Managers & Parents

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New Mentoring Skills for Managers

New Mentoring Skills for Parents

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Become a mentor to your own employees!

Build supportive employee relationships based on mutual respect.

Encourage your employees' appropriate behavior by developing mentoring relationships rather than those based on control.

Are you a Mentor at work?

  • Do you see yourself as a partner with your employees?
  • Do you trust the initiative of people to define and achieve their personal goals?
  • Do you encourage the independent thinking and personal growth of your employees?

    The step-by-step practical approach to mentoring outlined by Linda Culp Dowling and Cecile Culp Mielenz, Ph. D. in Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent combines successful management methods with down-to-earth parenting practices to develop skills you can use to be effective in both roles.
The second greatest gift a parent can give a child and the greatest gift a manager can give an associate is learning. Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent provides a huge array of tools, tips, techniques and tactics for making that special gift an important and valuable contribution to the lives or employees and children.
Chip R. Bell, Author
Mangers as Mentors: Building Partnerships For Learning

Using these strategies, a Mentor Manager…

…structures by clearly explaining the organization's values that define standards of behavior. Her own actions consistently reflect those values. The mentor manager teaches Completing project reports on schedule allows us to bill the client and collect payment by the end of the month.

… coaches to transfer responsibility to employees. He supports employees' growth and encourages ownership of their own behavior. You've created a clever jingle. This is an opportunity for you to make the presentation to the client.

… conferences by encouraging employees to become more involved. Considering his ideas, as well as her own, she contributes to a partnership endeavor. Let's consider these new ideas together.

…lets go by accepting the results of an employee's choices. He moves beyond a focus on control and views letting go as a positive growth experience for everyone. Coming up with a new way to package Mrs. Smith's shipment showed that you heard her uneasiness.