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Mentoring in the Workplace and at Home
How Managers and Parents Can Learn to Develop Mentoring Relationships

(SEATTLE, WA.) The mentoring process is now being recognized as an effective approach to both managing and parenting. People who are managers and parents can use the same mentoring strategies to encourage initiative in their own employees and children. Co-authors Linda Culp Dowling and Cecile Culp Mielenz describe their unique perspective of mentoring in their new book, Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent: How to Develop Responsible People and Build Successful Relationships at Work and at Home.

“Drawing on our experiences, we have created a model of mentoring strategies and skills that combines successful management methods with down-to-earth parenting practices. This model brings together the proven techniques that we have taught to thousands of managers and parents,” say Dowling and Mielenz.

As a guest or story reference, Dowling and Mielenz discuss the following:

  • How the roles of managers and parents present the same challenges
  • The four control styles shared by both managers and parents
  • A step-by-step practical approach to mentoring called The Mentoring Model
  • How managers and parents can mentor their own employees and children

“Mentor managers and mentor parents recognize the ineffectiveness of attempting to control employees and children. Instead, they identify values, clearly define expectations, and encourage employees and children to learn how to make their own decisions. As a result, mentors build respectful, collaborative relationships at work and at home,” say Dowling and Mielenz.

Linda Culp Dowling is a management trainer and coach. She is President of Communication Concepts Consulting, Inc., a training and development firm serving clients in business, education, government and healthcare. Cecile Culp Mielenz is a child development consultant who teaches parent education for Shoreline Community College and presents seminars for the Bureau of Education and Research. She also maintains a specialized counseling practice dedicated to parenting. For more information on Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent: How to Develop Responsible People and Build Successful Relationships at Work and at Home, please contact us at 888-606-7130.