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Linda Dowling is one of the truly professional trainers I know. Just consider some of these facts I know to be true about her: the premier considerations in her training, as I see it, are timing, clarity, integrity, and involvement. Timing is not to be wasted; people will work in her classroom, and she models the way on this. Clarity is such an important factor to Linda, and she is constantly checking on understanding and comprehension. Integrity in the training room is another one of the premier considerations: participants and facilitators are allowed no fudging on this in Linda's classroom. And participant involvement in the learning process is absolutely required; the "vacationers" and "prisoners" in the classroom are confronted and dealt with. This is my kind of trainer - she has a philosophy and follows it, and she has principles on which she stands. And perhaps above all else, she is a continuous learner herself, always reading, asking, probing, listening.

Peter C. Vail
Director, Executive Training & Team Quest Learning Services
The University of Oklahoma

Cecile Mielenz brings to her presentations extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience. She has both the presentation skills and the personal attributes to effectively impart this knowledge as well as motivate her audiences. Cecile is a dynamic, articulate speaker who presents highly valuable information. Presentations by Cecile are fast-paced, focused, practical, and energizing. Her trainings are well organized and thoughtful, yet she is also able to adapt to meet the needs of participants. Cecile’s sense of humor, genuineness, and passion make it a joy to attend her presentations.

Sandy Anderson
Exemplary Education L.L.C.


Cecile Mielenz's presentation of the work in Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent was excellent. She engaged our audience of 5-12th grade parents within the first 5 minutes and kept them engaged the entire evening. Her formal presentation was well organized and delivered, after which she fielded a wide range of questions with humor and respect. The content of the presentation, like that of the book, is of utmost importance and relevance to this audience, both as parents and (for many of them) as professionals. I have been involved in matching speakers and audiences in many settings for many years, and I would rate this speaker and her message a perfect 10!

Carolyn Watts, Ph.D.

Dept. of Health Services
University of Washington