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Comments about Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent

I have heard only positive comments from both parents and staff in response to your presentation. Thanks for the quality of the program you delivered. I used your book immediately with a group of parents I had begun to meet with the same week. I found your conceptual framework very helpful in discussing the use of power in parent-child relationships. We will continue to refer to your mentoring structure as we continue our weekly meetings.

It is very difficult to move smoothly over the course of 18 years or so from parents needing to have 100% of the power and control over the lives of their children to having virtually none. The structure you offered provides a scaffolding--a way to smoothly transition to a position of less and less control in order to develop our children's abilities to accept control and responsibility over their own lives. The emphasis upon relationship as the most essential ingredient of parenting is so very important and sound.

Linda Babin
School Counselor
Hilltop Elementary School
Edmonds (Washington) School District

Youíll find Mentor Manager /Mentor Parent a Book that will help you get
inside of yourself to examine your preference when it comes to
responsibilities and relationships. Life is a series of responsibilities
lived out in the context of relationships. Why not capitalize on the proven
insights of Linda Culp Downing and Cecile Culp Mielenz and use the most
effective strategies? Youíll not only recognize the benefits at home and at
work, youíll use them.

Gene Bedley
PTA National Educator of the Year

The second greatest gift a parent can give a child and the greatest gift a manager can give an associate is learning. Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent provides a huge array of tools, tips, techniques and tactics for making that special gift an important and valuable contribution to the lives of employees and/or children."

Chip R. Bell, Author
Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships For Learning

I have been a manager for fifteen years and have always felt there was a correlation between parenting and managing. This book does an outstanding job explaining that correlation. My sister, an engineering director for a local power company, said that she could tell by the title that it was a worthy read.

Melinda Benefiel, VP Customer Service
Card Services
Town North Bank Dallas, Texas

I love this book! It really helped me link what I know professionally to what I should be doing with my girls. Before reading this book, I had not thought to transfer my skills from my office to my home. Now I learn skills to improve relationships in both contexts simultaneously. It’s so much more rewarding to develop my skills as ‘mentor’ rather than ‘nagging mom.’ Thanks, Linda and Cecile!

Ginger Thompson
Management and Communication Consultant
President, Performance Solutions

I am excited about this book on so many levels: as a child and family therapist who has supervised others, as the wife of the president of a large company, and as a parent. The authors have created a simple, profound, and instructive model that gives form to many conversations my husband and I have had regarding the congruence between parenting and management. The heart of this model is the belief that the skills which help leaders run successful companies are the same skills that build relationships and encourage others -- whether they be our children or employees -- to grow to their fullest potential.

Pam Hopkins, MSW
Child and Family Therapist

What a fantastic book! Linda and Cecile have done an incredible job portraying the similarities among effective leadership skills with effective parenting strategies. This book is a "must" for any working parent!

Charlotte Hollarn, Director
Center for Early Childhood Professional Development
The University of Oklahoma, College of Continuing Education

Full of examples, Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent shows how our talk reveals our style of parenting and managing others. Here you will find powerful tools for respectfully fostering the healthy development of another human being and many surprises around what guides your behavior with others.

Deborah Mowat
Educator and editor of Constructing the Self in a Mediated World (with Tom Lindlorf)

Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent
is filled with wisdom for transforming the daily grind into golden moments--both at work and at home. The authors have combined their unique professional experiences to provide a systematic plan for choosing words and behaviors that will result in more satisfied employees and more confident, competent children. This is a most sensible and motivating book! A unique and important contribution.

Gloria DeGaetano, Director
The Parent Coaching Institute
Author, Screen Smarts: A Family Guide to Media Literacy and
Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV,
Movie, and Video Game Violence

The ideas expressed in this book unify two seemingly disparate arenas of management-- the workplace and the home—with principles of control and communication based on dignity and respect. Following these principles has enhanced my effectiveness both as a father for my two children and as a mentor for the members of my engineering team. I have learned the importance of building healthy, positive relationships with both my coworkers and my children. It is rare that the benefits of reading a single book can be so universally applied.

Doug McAfee, Engineering Manager
Aerospace Company

The authors verify what we've suspected for years - that what we teach in leadership, management, and coaching courses is closely related to effective parenting. This is an excellent guide for refining our skills as we help others grow and develop. I wish the book had been available when I was a new father, a young supervisor, and a beginning soccer coach. Each of my now-grown children will have a copy!

Peter C. Vail
Director, Executive Training & Team Quest Learning Services
The University of Oklahoma

I am extremely excited to recommend this book to parents! Not only does the book provide great theoretical information for parents, it provides TOOLS that parents can use in the throes of parenting situations. This book takes the best of parenting theory and practice and presents it in one neat package! Combining the theory and practice of management and parenting is extremely helpful to both moms and dads. Working parents often don't have the time to take parent education classes. Showing the similarities between management and parenting encourages parents to apply the skills they already have to the new challenge of parenting!

Bridgett Blackburn
MS Parent Educator Seattle, WA

I have found Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent to be of immense value when parenting my own children, and when coaching children in a classroom situation to gain conflict resolution skills. How easy it is for parents and teachers alike to fall into the "boss" mentality, ordering children around "because I say so." Treating children with respect by being their mentor instead of their boss pays huge dividends in the long run. As the children's views are taken seriously, their opinions and feelings heard, their input and ownership valued, they become active participants in conflict resolution situations, and life! Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent gives concrete skills to parents and educators alike, to become a mentor, and by doing so, to give children not only the respect they deserve, but also the people-people skills which are so often lacking in today's culture.

Pat Orrell, Director
The Attic Learning Community

I have read your book which arrived in my mailbox not long ago and think it is terrific, as I knew it would be! Congratulations on its success!! I appreciated reading the manager perspective/approach and how it relates to parenting. I have always thought at work in management situations how it is interesting how I tend to rely on some of my parenting skills (the ones I credit you for). Now I have a resource to help me do it even more successfully at work too! I am anxious to have my company's (ICOS) H.R. department get your book for our library and management training sorts of programs. I have already recommended it to some of my fellow colleagues.

Kim Nordstrom McCaw
Research Scientist
ICOS Corporation

Your book is beyond good; it is brilliant in conception (coupling management and parenting); chapter layout; subhead layout; illustrating by example; and writing.  Itís packed but easy to read, closely reasoned, concisely written. 

Barabra Sessions
Free Lance Writer